Blog 3: Art Gallery

Last Friday I attended the 3pm slot of the art gallery tour with Michael and I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it. I would have to say my favourite section was the early 19th Century works. Prior to the excursion, I thought this would be case; due to the fact that I love looking at artworks that were made such a long time ago, however as Michael explained their context I gained a whole new depth of appreciation and knowledge. I was shocked in myself at how we can look at a painting and not see what is in it. Throughout the tour others in the group would point out a particular piece of flora or how an object was strategically placed in the painting and it was something at myself and others hadn’t yet notice.  Due to this aspects can be overlooked and so messages by the artist can be missed. Going in a group really worked well as we all had different opinions and suggested new ways of looking at the paintings.

One of my favourite paintings was by John Glover, “Natives on the River Ouse” painted in 1938. It was very historical and as someone in my group pointed out it was an attempt to accept the Australian landscape for how it was. Although as you look at the artwork note the curves of the branches on what looks to be gum trees. This is a very ‘European’ interpretation. We see here that although Glover is painting Australia’s beauty there is a slight link of European foliage within. Overall loved going to the Gallery, it really helped me understand many more historical experiences and link to Australian literature.


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  1. Excellent Blog Sarah- for the most well written and insightful. But…
    No visual components in your blog. Please look at the rubric. A well designed visual component can enhance your blog (and your mark!). But be sure to acknowledge all visual components copied from the Web: at the very least link the visual element to the URL from where you copied it.
    *Please attend to editing your work carefully. Here is what I have picked up:
    *I thought this would be case; due to the fact= I thought this would be case, due to the fact [; is not appropriate here- it is usually a replacement for a full-stop when two sentences are closely linked in meaning. So it is a bit like putting a brick in the middle of a sentence and shouldn’t replace the more mild comma!
    for further details on Semi-colons see


  2. Hi Sarah,

    It is surprising how enjoyable the art gallery can be! Your blog was very insightful to the painting in focus and I agree that is a representation of an acceptance of the Australian landscape. But i feel that it is more than that, I feel like it is an ode to the landscape in a way, highlighting its rawness and integrity.

    I enjoyed your blog very much, the only suggestion I can make is to include a visual component to enhance your post next time.




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