4th Peer Review

Hi Morgan,
I’m only a first-year student but I came across your blog and liked it. Although I have never read this specific play of Shakespeare’s I can totally understand your two comparisons of the adaptations. Due to the way you have compiled your comparison I was able to get a grasp on the characters involved, their relationship to one another and their actions. You also did a great job of putting your opinion in on what you preferred and how you analysed the content.

I like the idea that you guys had to do a comparison of two different versions. Your thought on what Shakespeare would have done in terms of perceiving King Lear’s character really intrigued me. What if society have interpreted it differently as to how Shakespeare intended? It is crazy that 400 odd years later all his works are still relevant, a true testimony to his talent! I love learning about his plays! Bring on second-year literature! Good Job as well, thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog 🙂


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  1. Good, consistent peer reviews: Great work Sarah.

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