5th Peer Review


Peer review found at: https://clairewilliamsonlit.wordpress.com/2016/04/25/week-7-post-5/comment-page-1/#comment-11

Hi Claire,
Firstly I wanted to say how your explanation of this poem helped me to finally understand what the main theme was. I didn’t spend much time studying this one and I needed to read something like this to give me the initial idea before looking at in more depth. So thank you!

I can now appreciate the analogy of the thread and its symbolism to the actions of women over time. Very creative and socially contextual of Gilmore’s time. Also, I like that you do not agree with her idea that every woman seeks to tie down a man. This is almost an offensive to women as independent people and as you point out is contradictory as she also expresses men being weak.

My only criticism would be that you expand on this idea and explore the reasons why you disagree with her viewpoint. You’ll definitely increase your argument and I wasn’t ready for this blog to end! I would have loved to read more!!:)

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