6th Peer Review

Peer Review found at: https://annabellebarnslicha.wordpress.com/2016/05/06/blog-6-double-meaning/comment-page-1/#comment-19

Hi Belle,

Wow! what a blog! I love that you thought outside the square and did a table for your entry, I never would have thought to do that, although I might now! 🙂

It is such a clear and concise table which makes it so easy to read and understand your point of view. Yes – I totally agree that one piece of writing can be interpreted a million different ways and I guess that is why it is so crucial to look at external factors from the author as well as yourself to understand why you have certain views and interpretations!

Just focusing on one of your interpretations,

Hell lay hove-to. Heaven did not move. Hell seems more domineering and overpowering compared to heaven; this paints a dark, horrifying picture as it is communicated to the audience that sin is taking over.

You took a different view to me, at that point in the poem I did not grasp the idea of sin but a more literal understanding, that the endevour was coming towards them while heaven (their land) stood in its place. In saying this I do understand your interpretation as it matches up with the rest of the poem. I also enjoyed that you included an additional image to further push your argument! It related perfectly and took me ages to see the younger women! You must be a very creative person 🙂

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