7th Peer Review

Hello Gabby!
Great creative piece! I can definitely see how you have understood this poem, which is much similar to my interpretation. Although initially confused by the meaning behind Murray’s poem the class discussion, with your volunteered ideas as well as this poem has given be an even greater understanding of Murray’s work. Your rhetorical question “Oh how will we fend..?” is effective and shows you’re giving your audience a chance to think – A great literary technique!
When you said money is easily disguised I automatically jumped in approval. Money isn’t always seen in a note or even a bank card. It is the tiny logo on our car keys, our perfectly manicured nails or the picture we uploaded to social media showing that we were at a fancy restaurant. Money is everywhere.
Your poem flows nicely although I will say most poems follow a rhyme scheme which remains constant throughout the poem. Your poem does this, however, I felt the rhythm was a little lost around line 8,9 and 10. In saying this, that break in rhyme could have well and truly been your intent. Overall great blog in expressing your inspiration from Murry and a great end to the semester! Good luck with your portfolio and exam!

Found at: https://gabriellechidiac98.wordpress.com/2016/05/13/is-green-just-a-colour/comment-page-1/#comment-20


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