Blog 1 Week 3:

To “….compel men entranced by the sight of distant goals to glance for a moment at the surrounding vision of form and colour, of sunshine and shadows; to make them pause for a look , for a sigh, for a smile…” Do you think this is a noble aim for any kind of artist (novelist, poet, musician, painter)? Discuss in a short paragraph.

Well… we are back and ready to blog for semester two! After the last few weeks of being introduced to 20th-century literature, culture, and artists I have become more and more excited to get into the depth of the unit, especially Woof’s Mrs Dalloway and Orwell’s Nineteen-eightyfour… two of my favourite novels!

I looked at all the blog topics and something about this question struck me and I couldn’t shake it. Is it a noble aim for an artist to write in the hope of making their audience stop in awe, to fill their minds with such beauty or peace that their lips curve to the sky uncontrollably, or to instill a notion that turns their stomach causing them to exhale from deep within their body? I would say it is more than noble if such a title exists. The way I rate a piece of work into making my top 10 list, is its ability to inflict a physical reaction from my body. If it is able to do so, a significant emotion has been struck, and whether it is a comforting versus unnerving emotion is irrelevant to this idea. It is merely the heightened reaction at all that allows writers to be so successful in interacting with their audience. While artists have other ambitions for creating their work that hold a greater personal value, I believe connecting this way with their audience is enough of a reason for artists to create at all.


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3 Responses to Blog 1 Week 3:

  1. Hi Sarah,
    Great start to this semester’s blogs. Your first entry is quite intriguing and enjoyable to read. I Particularly favour your personal connection to the question, this was established immediately in you response and was an aspect which brought my attention to your perspective. You stated “or to instill a notion that turns their stomach causing them to exhale from deep within their body?”, The use of the rhetorical question demonstrates your ability to create reflection in your readers, allowing me to see your personal views of art and question me as the reader.
    The only suggestion I have for your post would be to include examples of text which support your argument.
    Overall an enjoyable read. Good Work


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  3. Thank you for tackling this esoteric topic Sarah! Well done: you have a strong point of view and express it well. But one word needs rectifying:
    whether it is a comforting verse unnerving emotion [I think you mean “versus” ??]


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