Blog 6: Freestyle

This week we were allowed to do our own blog topic and so I thought i would take this opportunity to share one of my recent interests and try relate it to the work we are doing in ENGL202. It seems to me that every author, poet or artists is overwhelmed by either the beauty they experience but more commonly the atrocities or existential angst they face. As readers more often than not we can vividly relate to the bad times these artists face more than the good. In every part of human history, society decided it is easier to be negative in all meanings of the word. We love to feel sorry for ourselves, stay angry at others, brutally judge and abstain from happiness. However, I write this blog post in the hope of inspiring you to do the opposite and relate to those artists of happiness and bliss. In the last year, I have found the absolute bliss of being happy. I know it must sound stupid, and before this change in my lifestyle,  I too thought I was as happy as I could be, but now that I look back and realise I wasn’t even close. Across my personal reading many practices became prominent and once I started them, they proved to be life-changing. Though there is many, I will share my top 5. I promise I don’t think I’m some famous and influential person giving you my self-proclaimed words of wisdom, however maybe it will encourage you more coming from a 20-year-old uni student that makes ends meet through brewing people a coffee.

  1. Be present.
    There is nothing better than being 100% in the moment. Free from smart devices, free from thinking about what you have on this afternoon. Look into the eyes of the people you talk to, this will be hard at first but it is so fulfilling once you are comfortable to do so. Practice mindfulness as soon as you wake up!

  2. Feed your body and your brain good things.
    Yes, literal. Good foods, GREENS. Say no to processed foods and yes to organic and vegan foods! (Don’t worry I won’t get into veganism today)But seriously you cannot perform at your best if you’re not eating good foods. As for your brain, it needs food too and this consists of grateful interactions, surround yourself with positive people who want to see you thrive. Get away from the TV – subliminal messages are so destructive. Feed your brain with artworks, literature, fresh air, healthy relationships, and self-love!
  3. Read.
    First step is the hardest and that is finding something that really interests you. The whole “I couldn’t put it down” saying is real and if you have never said this someone you have never found a novel/comic/memoir/biography that completely entrances you. Again it is so satisfying and inspires creativity.
  4. Exercise.
    I know, sorry I had to put this in. Let me tell you once it becomes a part of your lifestyle (Give it a good month) you will love and crave it. There are so many ways to be active, all you have to do is find one that suits you! Exercise benefits the mind body and soul! It also scientifically helps with my next tip!
  5. Positive thinking.
    Lastly, positive thinking is essential. Negative thoughts are so quickly to overrule but you’ll find once you get into the swing of shifting these bad thoughts you won’t go back. If you hear someone say something that you don’t agree with or that is easy to judge, refrain from the negative comment and simply say to yourself “that is interesting and different”. The same for your thoughts about yourself, accept that they are there and actively replace wth positive ones 🙂

And so I hope these tips can put you on a journey to a happy or happier life! In living out these daily activities you enhance your life dramatically and reduce the negatives you thought were inevitable. I think I may need to steer this back to our English work and so here it is… the relevance…

In living a totally positive and present lifestyle you will be at your best performance, in all aspects of life. This means you’ll be on your game when analysing and creating all the wonderful pieces of literature Michael has in store for us! My goal is to THRIVE in every stage of my life. Not just when I finally get my degree, or when the holiday I’ve been waiting for has finally come. Aim to thrive EVERY SINGLE DAY! 🙂


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