Peer Review 5

Hello Maz! 😀
Your words are just as much of a pleasure to read as they are to hear! I find your outlook on life to be so very inspiring and appreciative. I love your literal reasoning for naming this happy space “Level 9”. When I first read that I was envisioning some very elaborate reason however when you revealed the meaning I was shocked I didn’t see that coming from you. 😛 With the world we live in I also believe it so incredibly important to find joy and beauty in the most ordinary or what some would say ‘mundane’ settings. You have truly captured a beautiful example of this.

You also manage to create such a powerful and vivid image in your description of Sydney’s bushfires, in such little words – might I add. I completely agree with your view and your comparison between dystopic and utopian perceptions in that photo! You should enter that photo in a competition, it is brilliant! I will definitely be coming back here to read more of your blogs! Enjoy your break!

Sarah 🙂


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