Peer Review 6

Wow Elenor, from the looks of this blog I would say you really enjoyed this weeks content and were inspired by the wonderful Virginia Woolf. You have beautifully mirrored her writing style, the stream of consciousness, and given an intense attention to detail. Your use of imagery, adjectives and space created such a vivid and dynamic image for me and allowed the paragraph to flow so fluently that it was over too quickly for my liking.The only thing I would add to this creative piece, or perhaps enhance is the emotion of Clarissa. You are more than correct in showing how she is overwhelmed by the small details like her ‘cat coaster’ however, I got the impression that Woolf glued her neverending commentary with Clarissa’s deep and intense thoughts together, usually delivering the overriding themes of the novel such as time and death. Overall what a great blog! You definitely have a talent for creative pieces!



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