Blog 8: George Orwell

1.Write a letter thanking George Orwell for his amazing insights into how we might shape the future of the world by taking more care of our own writing habits.

Dear George Orwell,
My name is Sarah and I am literature student at university. I truly think we as literature students cannot thank you enough for your words of wisdom and truth delivered through your book 1984 and essay, Politics and the English Language. These works transcended their time and allowed society an insight into the horror and corruption language is capable of. I always had an idea of the damaging effect language can have through manipulation and its capability of being dishonest but the way in which you discuss this in your essay made it

I always had an idea of the damaging effect language can have through manipulation and its capability of being dishonest but the way in which you discuss this in your essay made it a whole lot more real for me. Your language and examples allowed to realise for the first time that I too, fall into the trap of premade sentences, idioms, and overall ideas. I can sadly say that 90% of my previous writings are constructed on premade sentences and phrases morphed together to make one, long piece of repetitive writing that is indeed… unoriginal. Your essay was a pleasant shock despite that it made me realise I could relate to the 5 poorly written passages you reference. Instead of scaring me away from writing, your essay made me want to get out pen and paper,  write about anything and ask myself your four questions when being a scrupulous writer! You inspired me to sit in silence and really think about what I want to say.

My every writer employing the ideas in your essay we will truly be able to express ourselves without people having predetermined ideas on how we should write. In terms of policial writing, your ideas will be life changing. The future citizens of any country will be informed, aware and be able to make eligible judgements and decisions. Without vague titles such as ‘democracy’ or terrible realities hidden behind political jargon, politics will finally mirror values of honesty and integrity and be presented for their true actions and thoughts. This is a future that will thrive and bring back all that is good about language and not abuse it for its ways in gaining power.

With your help, I will be a better writer and literature student and so I say thank you and in the hope that others employ the same goal, we will work to reach a better world in which we use our wonderful language for all its beauty.

Kind Regards

Sarah Azzopardi


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2 Responses to Blog 8: George Orwell

  1. sibelerkan says:

    Hi Sarah,

    You have made some excellent insights into how relevant George Orwell’s critique on the use of language are in his texts, ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’ and ‘Politics and the English Language.’ Like you, I always suspected that language could be used poorly at times and even exploited as a justification for excessive use of power and corruption. However, the way Orwell makes this clear in his texts takes it to a whole new level and shows us how truly significant the use of language can be. To strengthen your letter, I would suggest referring specifically to some of the key quotes and techniques that Orwell uses to convey his argument in both his novel and essay. For example, you could refer to the creation of ‘newspeak’ in ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’ as a way to suppress the creative use of language and restrict the free flow of ideas. Nevertheless, your letter was remarkable to read and I felt your ideas were expressed clearly and to the point. Thank you.

    Best regards,


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