Peer Review 8

Wow Alex! what a creative blog, you’ve really achieved something here. Your use of Orwell’s quote is able to perfectly fit your creative piece as well as holding strong roots to the messages Orwell was delivering in his essay ‘Shooting and Elephant”. The same morals are addressed which show a deep psychological thought you put into this blog. Your example made me realise that the messages in Orwell’s essay are experienced in society far too often, which also makes me realise why many of us feel such social anxiety or oppression. Your modern everyday example is probably very relatable to many teenagers and even adults in today’s society which is what again makes it so effective, just like Orwell’s work. As a whole, I would suggest expanding this story and exploring deeper into these core human emotions, as it would be exciting to see what you could discover. More detailed descriptions would create imagery within the reader and perhaps evoke more of a response than the use of a photo. Great blogging! Sarah

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