Paulo Uccello’s ‘Saint George and the Dragon’

CREATIVE: In a well-written paragraph describe Paulo Uccello’s painting of Saint George and the Dragon. What does the artist show and what theme is he trying to represent.

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Paulo Uccello’s 1470 painting ‘Saint George and the Dragon’ depicts a crucial tale of Saint George saving both the princess and the village from the disease infested dragon. The artwork is crucial in delivering more than a mythical story. The knight is seen driving his spear into the head of the dragon while the princess assists in holding down the dragon. It works as a metaphor specifically for the Christian community where the artist continues to stand as an important figure. The spacing of this painting is deliberate in showing the knight as mighty and holding more power than the dragon. The dark sky gives special light to the action, showing the knight’s power. This sense power is also said to have inspired many people in the renaissance period including Edmund Spenser in his novel The Faerie Queen. Overall this painting depicts this era perfectly in delivering the theme of strength and determination, two traits people of this time needed to continue.



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  1. Well written and interesting. Good work S.


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