Peer Review 1

Hello Sandy,

We both chose the same blog topic for week 1 so I thought I would peer review yours in order to deepen my knowledge on Richard as a character. Your post is great in the conclusions you have made about Richard however for some parts such as the last section, it would be beneficial to give specific examples and literary techniques from the speech that show this. Overall this will strengthen your argument and show Shakespeare’s deliberate literary choices to mould Richard’s character. I especially enjoy “Therefore the character presented to us is just as Richard cast himself. A villain.” I also think this, unlike other Shakespearean plays, Richard is actively evil and so is much more deceptive than other characters. Well done with this blog Sandy, looks like you have a good idea of what is to come in the play!


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1 Response to Peer Review 1

  1. That is a fabulous peer review Sarah! Well written, supportive with some great suggestions.

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