Peer Review 2

Wow Gabby, Great poem!! This is a great creative piece of work that portrays both Ralegh’s ideas and your own interpretations of his work. Your overall theme of the poem is much the same as to how I understood Ralegh’s work. More or less that our life is a performance, in which we present the best versions of ourselves to others, this being a role that is forced upon us by society. With this through comes shock and perhaps regret. I felt this in your poem as you wrote, “puppets on a string? that can’t be the go…” This rhetorical question creates a sense of realisation that we are merely playing a role. The use of colloquial language such as “the go” shows your own creative spin on Raleigh’s poem. The only critique I would suggest is making this poem longer to create an even stronger argument. I believe you could really take this deeper and expand on some of the important themes you have addressed about the reality of this thing we call life. Awesome job Gabby 😀


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