PRAC DAY 4: 05/04/17

Identify some examples of family engagement in the school you visit?

How involved are parents in the education of the children?

Within my allocated school I perceive that the parents of the students are significantly involved in their learning. This is imperative to the development of the child both cognitively and emotionally. Through parent interaction within the school, the child can feel a sense of worth. It also helps to maintain parent/teacher communication both for negative and positive feedback on the student’s behaviour and education. Examples of where I have witnessed family engagement in school include:

  • Parent visit and teacher meeting. Both a mother and father of a student who attends the learning support program came into the school from 9-11am. Here the parents had a meeting with the principal, teacher and learning support teacher to discuss the student’s progress, difficulties and come up with some solutions.
  • Another example includes parents volunteering to cool the pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Parents doing so show their kids that they are happy to be involved in the school community. Helps the child’s social development as they learn positive interactions between school community and parents.
  • One last example I have observed is the teacher’s constantly asking students about their student’s family. Over the las few weeks, I have seen a constant effort to ask the student about various brothers, sisters, family holidays, and overall having a genuine interest in the child’s family life. This would make the students feel a close connection to the teacher and develop a positive relationship.

Overall, family engagement is a crucial part of the student’s education and development. This is something teachers should be aware of when interacting with their students. It can help majorly if the student is having troubles at school, the teacher and parents can work together to solve any problem that is occurring.

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