PRAC DAY 3: 29/03/17


Identify examples of Constructivist theory in the classroom you observed.

Today I attended a class and observed the students participate in group work and then present this work to the rest of their peers.

  • Students were given content on the growth of mould and told to present their findings however they wanted – This shows the teacher giving them the choice to express themselves creatively.
  • Students worked in groups showing peer collaboration. Students had to compromise, debate and produce work together.
  • Teacher prompted them to self-evaluate their work by asking them what they liked about the work they presented and what they could add next time they did an activity similar to this.
  • Teacher did not dictate or act in a superior way, but rather floated through the room giving support where it was needed
  • Children had the option of more than one resource, for example, the had their notebook filled with previous information, internet search, and additional information booklets
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