King Lear

You are the youngest daughter in your family. Your father is demanding that you tell him how much you love him. In your own words, tell him what you really feel about his question. What are you prepared to say in response to his demand?

Father, I refuse to answer this question as you wish. This question is insulting to me and shows me how little you actually pay attention to my place in this family. Yes my two older sisters blurted out a false love, can’t you see that? Can’t you see they said exactly what you want to hear? Well, I will not do the same. I will tell you what I really think about this question you ask me and I hope that after you will see my genuine love I have for you and not I have falsely created for personal gain. So let me ask you a few questions father. How much do I love you, you ask…. Every Sunday lunch, every time a pick you up from the train station, every bush walk we go on, every time we watch a movie together, every day when you prepare my lunch, every time we laugh, every time we cry, every time we spend time together… do these things not show you how much I love you? Does this not show a genuine love rather than my sisters who spend no time with you, lie to your face, yet you flutter at their words? I would be lying if I said I was disappointed. I hope you see how that question makes me think you do not value our relationship as I so closely do. I will leave it at this… Father, I ask you, would you have a response if I asked you the same question?

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1 Response to King Lear

  1. Excellent creative entry: you bring a personal experience to bear on this dramatization. Well done Sarah.


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