Peer Review 4

Hey Jonas! What a fantastic creative blog! I absolutely agree with how you have painted humanity reacting to the night. But I ask myself so often… why ARE we like this? Why do we not embrace the dark like we embrace the light?

I also love your connection to King Lear as it made me realise this situation between fathers and daughters is still very much relevant in today’s society. I love how you have played the character of the time so well. Your portrayal is seen through remarks such as “Oh the irony! Lear and Gloucester, I believe, have gone to beg for forgiveness?” strengthen your character and build to the overall creativeness of your blog.  The only suggestion I would make is, to sum up your blog with a very clear link between all texts, this would help your readers leave your site with a definite understanding of what you were trying to get across. Awesome blog! keep up the great creative work!


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