PRAC DAY 5: 03/05/17

Identify elements of good teaching you notice in your classroom observations.

Today I really enjoyed my community engagement as this was the first time I observed the school getting creative and artistic. The whole school came together and had a week of celebrating their religious beliefs expressed through singing, drama performances, public speaking and dancing. In this huge social seeing and celebration, I spent my time closely looking after a student with special needs. In all previous weeks, I have seen this student be reluctant to participate in her school work however during these classes she was very enthusiastic about participating, listening when necessary and being overall very expressive. I believe this celebration week was good teaching as it was run by students and linked to both humanist and constructivist learning approach.  it allowed students to find a sense of responsibility and purpose as well as allow them to express themselves. In my particular student, I was able to see a huge positive shift in her behaviour as she was able to sing and dance and then continued to willingly do more English work. This showed me that a balance of different subjects is crucial and that the arts are just as important as any other subject, just as Dewery had said!


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