PRAC DAY 6: 10/05/17

Is the learning focussed on rote memory or deep learning? What strategies does your teacher use to help children develop new knowledge?

During my community engagement, I have witnessed almost every week the teacher in my classroom focusing her teaching one rote memory.

The students week after week copy down information from the board as their main activity. While the teacher does incorporate class discussion before or after this, it is still primarily silent copying from the board as the teacher gathers the information for them. I have yet to see the teacher ask about analytical thinking as opposed to just getting the students to relay the information. While rote memory is important for some aspects of learning

While rote memory is important for some aspects of learning I do not believe it should be used so often and singly. Here I witnessed this information not absorbing into the student’s minds as they get easily distracted or talk while mindlessly scribbling down the information. One way to improve this would be to include different activities that encourage group tasks, independent thought, problem-solving and more hands-on learning for the students.

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