PRAC DAY 7: 17/05/17

How motivated were the students in the class you observed? What do you think made the difference for those who were not motivated if any?

As a whole, the class has a very positive atmosphere to learn, interact and listen to their teacher, however when you look closely it can be seen that others that are not as motivated to participate for a range of reasons. A primary reason I believe a handful of students are not motivated can be linked to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. On more than one occasion I have been making my way around the classroom asking those who I think are struggling if they would like my help. During this time I have found out they have gone without breakfast or another common response, “I went to sleep late”. These two human needs are at the base of Maslow’s Hierarchy and are imperative to function. Without these, as Maslow has said, a person cannot move up the hierarchy, meaning being motivated to learn would be very difficult.

Another reason as to why some students lack motivation is due to their relationships with their teacher and peers. As Vygotsky taught, we are social beings who work best when in groups and interacting with our peers. For some, however, these social skills do not come naturally and thus some students in this class find themselves isolated.

Finally, a different handful of students seems less motivated to me because they are a little behind their peers on a cognitive level. Being self-conscious of this, I have observed these students never participating voluntarily and even when asked upon are not confident in their response. These students are often distracted and distract others and so is imperative to keep an eye on and assist more so than other students who are self-driven.

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