Blog 1: Critical: Judith Wright Research Task

Do a mini-research project that records a number of the public duties that Judith Wright took upon herself in the Environmental, Aboriginal and Creative Arts scenes.


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Judith Wright did many duties throughout her life ranging from work in environmental ethics, aboriginal land rights and helping others resonate with these issues with her profound creative writing. The following are public duties that Wright was involved in throughout her life, showing a wide range of support and generosity.

  • An active supporter of the conservation of the Great Barrier Reef and Fraser Island.
  • Advocate for the Aboriginal Land Rights Movement.
  • Her work, With Love and Fury is a political letter addressed to John Howard discussing Aboriginal rights.
  • Wrote children’s book to educate children on these important issues.
  • Lectured at Australian Universities.
  • Founding member of the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland

A list of awards Right received based on these public duties

  • 1950 – Grace Leven Prize
  • 1964 – Australia-Britannica Award
  • 1977 – Robert Frost Memorial Award
  • 1984 – Australian World Prize
  • 1992 – Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry
  • 1994 – Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission Poetry Award, for Collected Poems

Information gathered from:


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1 Response to Blog 1: Critical: Judith Wright Research Task

  1. This is an excellent preparatory study for future work on Judith Wright. Well done Sarah!


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