Blog 3 Art Gallery: Bailed Up, Tom Roberts

Which particular artist spoke most to you in relation to the topic Reading Australia?

Today’s visit to the NSW Art Gallery was very insightful and helpful in forming a deeper understanding of what this unit, Reading Australia is all about. In the numerous paintings and artworks, we discussed, it was Tom Roberts’ 1895 painting named Bailed Up that really resonated with me. Robert’s uses raw barren colours that I believe depict for one of the first times what the Australian Bush really is. This was highlighted for me as one of the first colonial artists who painted Australia for what is, him being accepting of the desolate landscape and representing an accurate image of Australian bush rangers of the time. The stance of the Bush Rangers is quite relaxed and almost does not come across as the robbery which it is. Overall I believe this painting relates significantly to the ideas in our unit and is a piece that represents a brilliant story and reality of the time.



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5 Responses to Blog 3 Art Gallery: Bailed Up, Tom Roberts

  1. lk42 says:

    This is a good commentary on a beautiful, descriptive picture. You feel like you are out in the bush, living the old Colonial days of horses and buggies – and bushrangers.


  2. Hi Sarah,
    You have composed a spectacular blog this week.
    I love the artwork you have analysed! This is one painting I really liked looking at and I felt that it had given me a deeper understanding of what ‘Reading Australia’ is really about. The colours and texture in the painting really speaks to you and gives you a sense of feeling that you’re right there standing next to the artist as he paints the image. Keep up the good work and looking forward to reading more of your beautiful blogs.



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  4. Hi Sarah,
    I’m quite a fan of your blogs! I admire how simplistic, succinct and clear your writing is. This always captures me, as it becomes so easy for me to understand the message you’re trying to present.
    I too, much like yourself, found this artwork significant to our unit. I enjoyed discovering various aspects of meaning. Just like your creativity, it is simple yet portrays a deep and insightful meaning. I applaud you for your work, and look forward to reading more.

    Gabby 🙂


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