Peer Review 1: Reading Australia

Hey Gabby! This is a great first post to the semester. I especially found your introductory paragraph beneficial in reintroducing me to Patrick White as a writer and his literary context. Furthermore, I think your comment, “The lack of emotion yet bold expression, illustrates a strong character profile” is a very fair comment to make and sums up both him as a person and the look given to us in the picture. My only suggestion would be to elaborate on the ideas you introduced to us here and perhaps sum up your ideas at the end of your blog post. Good luck with your semester 🙂 Sarah

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1 Response to Peer Review 1: Reading Australia

  1. Hi Sarah, this is an excellent peer review- well done! But where are the others? You are way behind. These are easy marks to gain, but also easy marks to lose- if you don’t keep up. Try to ensure that you do a regular blog and peer review :).


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