Blog 6: David Malouf

Write a paragraph in which you imagine yourself on death’s row with a few hours left before you are executed.

I’ve only got a few hours before they will end my life and I will cease to exist in this world as I have for the past 21 years. For this experience is exactly how so many poems, novels, and films have explained. All the material wealth in my life irrelevant, all the quarrels with unimportant people irrelevant, all the stress put into creating the facade we show the world… irrelevant. And for all these things, the only thing that does seem relevant is what makes us feel alive. In this moment, I know this is the only thing that keeps me wanting more and more time on this earth. The things that make one feel alive can come from bountiful areas, yet all stem from the one place. Energy. The world’s energy is given to us through love and the thought that this is about to end for me is the most terrifying fact of death. With death standing right in front of me I am brutally informed that I will never love again, never share a touch with a loved one, never laugh or cry with a friend, never again share an intimate memory. For these situations shared with a special person are what make humans feel alive, what makes them exist happily and most importantly, it is love that every human aims to achieve before they die. With death only moments away for me, it gives me this realisation and the hope that those who I truly loved, know it.

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