Blog 8: David Malouf

What do you learn most from the interactive seminar that we had with David Malouf last week?

First of all, I would like to say how much of a beneficial and enjoyable experience we shared with David Malouf. for myself, I believe this interactive seminar came at a crucial time in the semester to keep me motivated and focused at this time of the semester. The aspect that I think taught me most during this lesson was David’sconstructionn of his novel Conversations at Curlow Creek and how he developed his characters, settings, and storyline. Being the first time actually meeting a successful author I found all his discussion highly relevant and useful in terms of analysing his novel and picking up tips for my own creative and critical writing.

I learned most from David in how he said he always stops writing when he has an idea so he has something to go off the next time he sits down to compose. This way he said he has 24 hours to stew over his ideas and allow them to develop. During this seminar, I was shocked by this unveiling yet as he expressed himself more it clarified why this approach is so much more effective. Instead of being stuck in a certain section, this allowed me to see how he was able to develop and expand on his ideas and characters.

The next aspect of David’s seminar that intrigues me was how he pointed out that his novels are for slow readers. This is something I find very important in the act of reading especially in an educational setting. Although our society has shifted to fast-paced reading or scan reading, this is not appropriate for truly analysing a text. David addressed the need to engage with the characters. With this thought, he then said it is because of this deep engagement that the reader is able to discover his story in the same way he discovered it as he was writing it. I think this is very important as it allows the reader to comprehend a stronger understanding of the characters and voices.

Overall, this interactive seminar was a fantastic way to have a deeper understanding of David as a writer and his novel as a set text for our unit. This experience gave me a huge insight in the novel and very much assisted me in exploring more ideas and characters in the novel.



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