Peer Review 6: Reading Australia

Wow, Nigel, I wish I had kept up to date with your blogs previous to this week! I thoroughly enjoyed this entry as your concisely express both a critical and creative aspect of the novel. Your ideas a rich and relevant and written with such a creative twist of language. I especially loved your opinion when you say.

“The dichotomy in Michael Adair’s psyche must have been torture! The fact that he spent the night respectfully conversing with the man he would eventually have to kill is testament to a benevolence and courage I doubt I would be able to muster. I am certain I would be seated with the gruff and seemingly uncaring men around the fire, trying to distance ourselves from the humanity of Daniel Carney and the abhorrent task we must perform in the morning.”

You have a wonderful ability to engage readers and develop strong ideas. Linking to another text is also highly relevant and beneficial in allowing others to understand the ideas through linking to another text.

My only critique is to do a final check over your work, as I found an error, “…eventually have to kill is testament to a benevolence and courage I…” Did you mean ‘a’ testament”?

Overall, I loved your blog! Good luck with the end of semester 🙂

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