Summative Entry: Reading Australia

Australian Literature helps me to expand the boundaries of my own experience.

Another semester has come to an end, yet again leaving me with a deeper insight into Australian literature and how these authors have, in turn, broadened the boundaries of my own experience. This has been evident through our close analysis and discussion of the works of Judith Wright, Patrick White, David Malouf, Francis Webb, and Sally Morgan. In their own unique way these authors have made me realise experiences within my life, made me make sense of them, and relate to them all through words I could never express myself.

I enjoyed the chance to get creative and having my own landscape to express some ideas that are close to me. Shaped by the ideas of these brilliant authors, I especially took on David Malouf’s theme of what is our purpose in life and what this all comes down to in our last moments of life. I explored this idea through a creative piece of discussing what I would do if I found myself in Adair’s circumstances. This can be viewed in  Blog 6: David Malouf of my Creative entries. This blog topic sparked more than I thought it would and made me realise consciously, what I deem most important in my life. Being able to express yourself is such a powerful opportunity. I found that one thought would spark the next, which is exactly what David discussed with us in our interactive seminar. Yet another great opportunity we were given to university students to meet with a successful author. He too said that when he was infused with literary ideas he would stop and let them stew, and finally cement them into what became the back to back packed novel of Conversations at Curlow Creek. These ideas and more can also be seen in Blog 8: David Malouf. Needless to say, I most enjoyed Malouf’s section of the unit as it related to my ideas of this world.

Another creative piece that I am proud of is Blog 4: In The Bush where I wrote about a time when I was in the bush and experienced more than just the material reality surrounding me. Here I felt a connection to authors such as Wright and Morgan and how their relationship to the land is always this intense and beyond reality. This helped to understand their poems and novel and how this earth we live in is so much more just our jobs, and house, and the worries we let ourselves build up in our heads. For moments like this, I realised I can always do what these authors express in their works and find clarity in nature.

As for my critical blog entries, I would say the one I found most depth and really pushed the boundaries of my experiences was Blog 2: Critical: Patrick White, Religious or not? In composing this blog I researched literary views on what critics believe about Patrick White and his stance on religion. I believe this will be a never-ending debate in which both sides seem plausible. I found this pushed the boundaries of my own experiences as I found myself more and more relating to White, in the sense that I identify a non-religious, yet all my big questions in life seem to always come down to faith, god, and religion. Yes, religion needs to a part of our world, for believers and non-believers. Perhaps this is also what White felt and tried to express through Stan Parker’s end of life experience.

Overall, the semester was beautifully filled with literature, art, authors, ideas, and discussions that continued this idea of constantly challenging and expanding the boundaries of my peers’ experiences and mine. Yet again I’m grateful for another semester of learning, exploring and expanding my own internal library of knowledge.

Till next year,

Sarah 🙂

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  1. HI Sarah- I may have left a comment on your blog site, logged in as my friend Jim Tulip- accident- sorry! All good.


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