Peer Review 5: Reading Australia

Hey Tash!
You have a sound idea regarding Adair’s inner and outer world conflict, especially for only having read a small portion of the book. You explain yourself well and have developed deeper thoughts regarding Adair and Carney’s situation. To make this blog post stronger and more engaging I would suggest including quotes from the novel that back up these ideas. Great Job 🙂 Sarah

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Peer Review 4: Reading Australia

Hey Rachel 🙂
I really enjoyed this post, you express yourself so beautifully and portray such a deep and truthful perception of light. I think our ideas on this are very similar in the sense that light can have a profound impact on every part of your life. I like that you are able to acknowledge this and express these ideas so freely. Your incorporation of photos is perfect for this blog post as it caught my attention straight away and added an extra touch of beauty. I think you could turn this paragraph into quite a nice piece of poetry and your work choices are very rhythmic. Overall, a great creative post! One of my favourites 🙂

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Peer Review 3: Reading Australia

Hey Silvana, a good blog post about the Art Gallery, I always enjoy going to the gallery too and finding links to our topic. For me, this one stood out as well as it was a bright change from all the 19th-century artworks of barren and dry Australia. A suggestion I will make to you is to put more detail into how this links to Reading Australia. Also to be cautious of your use of single quotation marks and that they are slanted the correct way. I would love to hear more as to why you chose this painting above all the others. Great Job 🙂

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Peer Review 2: Reading Australia

Hey Ronny! I am very impressed by your blog this week on Judith Wright’s poem and your ability to succinctly analyse while also being thorough. You have effectively informed us about Wright’s use of Strontium and how and why she links this to the cycle of life. Your grammar is perfect and structure is well written. You smoothly move from one idea to the next and have created a comprehensive and well-delivered idea. My only possible suggestion is to write in a more blog-style, using more personal reflection and ideas. Great Post 🙂

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Peer Review 1: Reading Australia

Hey Gabby! This is a great first post to the semester. I especially found your introductory paragraph beneficial in reintroducing me to Patrick White as a writer and his literary context. Furthermore, I think your comment, “The lack of emotion yet bold expression, illustrates a strong character profile” is a very fair comment to make and sums up both him as a person and the look given to us in the picture. My only suggestion would be to elaborate on the ideas you introduced to us here and perhaps sum up your ideas at the end of your blog post. Good luck with your semester 🙂 Sarah

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Blog 5: “Bird song is your resonating touch” Start a poem with this as your first line.

Bird song is your resonating touch

where all the senses are heightened beyond explanation

let it be heard as it needs to be heard

and evoke what it needs to evoke

for the bird knows all and will guide one well


Take with you what the bird will give,

For its sound, listen.

For its touch, feel.

For its vision, see.

For its scent, smell.

And let its song of senses sing you into an everlasting melody of truth.

For the bird knows all and will guide you well.


Sit, listen, resonate.



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Blog 4: CREATIVE: Describe an experience that you have had in the bush where you have felt that there is more than simply material reality around you.

A day I spent hiking in the Blue Mountains with my mother, sister, my two brothers and brother-in-law was definitely a time I remember fondly. We fussed around in the morning as it always is with my sister; she and her newly-wed husband slept into the morning ignoring their alarm, while the rest of us questioned their whereabouts with heightened irritation, as I said, this is a regular occurrence. We finally got in the car, spent forty minutes driving until we arrived at Empress Falls and we waited for the two lazy-birds among the great gorge that appeared before us. The crisp mornings of May had started and while the sun reached our skin ever so lightly it was enough to make you feel warm and want more, yet a shiver still remained. So the latecomers finally arrived and we set off for our three-hour hike. It was beautiful, it always is with the fresh smell of eucalyptus mixed with the damp clay rocks, all encompassed by the cold touch of the old metal railings, you are certain won’t hold your weight, the songs from the array of birds and the heat that immediately starts to radiate through your body. All these feelings are common to me and have the effect of making you feel alive, and positive and energetic. The chatter commences as it always does, catching up on trivial things, discussing work, school… people, as we all admittedly do, yet without a doubt, this always comes to an end and we all, in single file, hike in silence, and listen to sounds of nature. For me, this is sometimes the most enjoyable part of the hike. Everyone is content, walking for pleasure and soaking in their surroundings, infused with a sense of wholeness and emptiness at the same time. For me, walking in these grand canyons and bush make me feel complete, for a feeling emerges that I am completely connecting with something bigger. This can also do the opposite, in the sense that I feel so small, so insignificant to the big world that truly counts, the animals, the trees, the birds, the insects, that all live in perfect unison, intuitively with the land and air. Moments like this when I see a huge cliff face, a bird flies over as I’m approaching its location and washes its feathers in just one drop of water that is repeatedly dripping. As I approach, the bird senses me yet does not scare away, my path passes right by the bird and it continues to soak up the water, using the environment as it needs. In that moment I realised that is more around than just the bird receiving the water as I walked past. There are energies deep ingrained in the rocks, the thick shrub, in the one-drop of water I have noticed in the last 2 hours of walking, where the bird chooses to fly over and stop just as I arrive. These occurrences aren’t just coincidences, they are the landscape working and showing me things that are more important than discussing the latest episode of Game of Thrones with my brother. It is places like this that remind me there is more than just a material reality surrounding me but in fact, a spiritual reality that means so much more.



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